LIU Xitao

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Dr. Xitao Liu

    chool of Environment, Beijing Normal University


    Tel: 86-10-5880 5080; 15210458590

    Educational Background:

    Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering at Dalian University of Technology, China, 2004

    Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry at Northeast Normal University, China, 2000

    Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at Northeast Normal University, China, 1997

    Employment Records:

    Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering at School of Environment, Beijing Normal University, 2007-

    Guest Researcher at Department of Applied Environmental Sciences (ITM), Stockholm University, 2008.10-2009.7

    Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at School of Environment, Beijing Normal University, 2006-2007

    Postdoctor at Research Center of Persistent Organic Pollutants, Tsinghua University, China, 2004-2006

    Lecturer in Environmental Chemistry at Department of Environmental Science, Northeast Normal University, 2000-2004

    Research Interests:

    Physical and chemical technologies for the control or removal of organic pollutants;

    Transformation mechanisms and risk assessment of POPs in the environment;

    Analytical techniques for the emerging organic pollutants;

    Policies and regulations for the control and management of POPs.

    Research Projects:

    [1] Mechanochemical degradation of typical persistent organic pollutants enhanced by sulfate radical, supported by the National Scientific Foundation of China, 21547001

    Project team: Xitao Liu, Xiaohui Zhang, Xue Yan, Chengdu Qi, Huijuan Zhang, Xiaowan Li, Jun Ma

    [2] Development of technologies for the destruction of highly-concerned organic chemicals in the environment, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2013AA062705-3

    Project team: Xitao Liu, Chengdu Qi, Xiaohui Zhang, Xue Yan, Xiaowan Li, Jun Ma, Huijuan Zhang

    [3] Combined effect of microwave and activated carbon in the simultaneous removal of heavy metal ions and organic pollutants from wastewater, supported by the National Scientific Foundation of China, 20977011.

    Project team: Xitao Liu, Ran Wang, Guixiang Zhang, Dan Han, Wenjuan Zheng

    [4] Complex pollution in the Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai Bay areas, the consequent ecological and toxicological effects and pollution control/remediation mechanisms, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2007CB407302.

    Project team: Ye Zhao, Xitao Liu, Jinyan Zhan, Yaobin Zhang

    [5] Microwave thermal desorption and base catalyzed decomposition combined process for the treatment of PCBs contaminated soil, supported by the National Scientific Foundation of China, 20607003.

    Project team: Xitao Liu, Jinglan Feng, Zhenwu Tang, Ruimin, Liu


    Representative papers

    [1].Xitao Liu*, Xiaohui Zhang, Kunlun Zhang, Chengdu Qi. Sodium persulfate-assisted mechanochemical degradation of tetrabromobisphenol A: Efficacy, products and pathway. Chemosphere, 2016, 150: 551-558

    [2].Chengdu Qi, Xitao Liu*, Jun Ma, Chunye Lin, Xiaowan Li, Huijuan Zhang. Activation of peroxymonosulfate by Base: Implications for the degradation of organic pollutants. Chemosphere, 2016, 151: 280-288

    [3].Xitao Liu*, Xiaohui Zhang, Kai Shao, Chunye Lin, Caibin Li, Fangzhou Ge, Yujing Dong. Fe0-activated persulfate-assisted mechanochemical destruction of expired compound sulfamethoxazole tablets. RSC Advances, 2016, 6: 20938-20948

    [4].Chengdu Qi, Xitao Liu*, Wei Zhao, Chunye Lin, Jun Ma, Wenxiao Shi, Qu Sun, Hao Xiao. Degradation and dechlorination of pentachlorophenol by microwave- activated persulfate. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2015, 22: 4670-4679

    [5].Xue Yan, Xitao Liu*, Chengdu Qi, Dali Wang, Chunye Lin. Mechanochemical destruction ofa chlorinatedpolyfluorinated ether sulfonate (F-53B, a PFOS alternative) assisted bysodium persulfate. RSC Advances, 2015, 5: 85785-85790

    [6].Xitao Liu*, Ying Jiao, Chunye Lin, Ke Sun, Ye Zhao. PBDEs, hydroxylated PBDEs and methoxylated PBDEs in bivalves from Beijing markets. Chemosphere, 2014, 110: 97-103

    [7].Chengdu Qi, Xitao Liu*, Chunye Lin, Xiaohui Zhang, Jun Ma, Haobo Tan, Wan Ye. Degradation of sulfamethoxazole by microwave-activated persulfate: kinetics, mechanism and acute toxicity. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2014, 249: 6-14

    [8].Guixiang Zhang, Xitao Liu*, Ke Sun, Qiusheng He, Tianwei Qian, Yulong Yan. Interactions of simazine, metsulfuron-methyl and tetracycline with biochars and soil as a function of molecular structure. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 2013, 13: 1600-1610

    [9].Xitao Liu*, Wenjuan Zheng, Ke Sun, Chunye Lin, Ye Zhao. Immobilization of cadmium onto activated carbon by microwave irradiation assisted with humic acid. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2013, 44(6): 972-976

    [10].Dan Han, Xitao Liu*, Guixiang Zhang, Ke Sun and Ying Jiao. Effects of cationic surfactant on pentachlorophenol sorption by sediment, activated carbon and biochar. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2013, 22: 1280-1286

    [11].Chunye Lin*, Mengchang He, Xitao Liu, Wei Guo, Shaoqing Liu. Contamination and ecological risk assessment of toxic trace elements in the Xi River, an urban river of Shenyang city, China. Environment Monitoring and Assessment, 2013, 185(5): 4321-4332

    [12].Chunye Lin*,Mengchang HeXitao LiuWei GuoShaoqing LiuDistribution and contamination assessment of toxic trace elements in sediment of the Daliao River System, China. Environmental Earth Sciences, 2013, 70: 3163-3173

    [13].Guixiang Zhang, Xitao Liu*, Ke Sun, Feng He, Ye Zhao, and Chunye Lin. Competitive sorption of metsulfuron-methyl and tetracycline on corn straw biochars. Journal of Environmental Quality, 2012, 41(6): 1906-1915

    [14].Xitao Liu, Wei Zhao, Ke Sun, Guixiang Zhang, Ye Zhao. Dechlorination of PCBs in the simulative transformer oil by microwave-hydrothermal reaction with zero-valent iron involved. Chemosphere, 2011, 82: 773-777

    [15].Guixiang Zhang, Qing Zhang, Ke Sun, Xitao Liu*, Wenjuan Zheng, Ye Zhao. Sorption of simazine to corn straw biochars prepared at different pyrolytic temperatures. Environmental Pollution, 2011, 159: 2594-2601

    [16].Karin L?fstrand, Xitao Liu, Dennis Lindqvist, S?ren Jensen, Lillemor Asplund. Seasonal variations of hydroxylated and methoxylated brominated diphenyl ethers in blue mussels from the Baltic Sea. Chemosphere, 2011, 84: 527-532

    [17].Guixiang Zhang, Xitao Liu*, Ke Sun, Ye Zhao, Chunye Lin. Sorption of tetracycline to sediments and soils: assessing the roles of pH, the presence of cadmium and properties of sediments and soils. Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering in China, 2010, 4: 421-429

    [18].Xitao Liu, Qing Zhang, Guixiang Zhang, Ran Wang. Application of microwave irradiation in the removal of polychlorinated biphenyls from soil contaminated by capacitor oil. Chemosphere, 2008, 72: 1655-1658

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    [20].Xitao Liu, Gang Yu. Combined effect of microwave and activated carbon on the remediation of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated soil. Chemosphere, 2006, 63(2): 228-235

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    Calvin R. Brunner, Timothy D. Van Epp. Plasma arc and other thermal destruction technologies applied to persistent organic pollutants. Translated into Chinese by Gang Yu, Xitao Liu, Yeqing Zheng, Bo Yang and Zhenxiao Cai. Published by Environmental Science Press of China, 2005, 11.


    ZL 200410020410.9, A method for the treatment of organic pollutants in wastewater by the integrated process of activated adsorption and microwave regeneration.

    Inventor: Xie Quan, Xitao Liu, Shuo Chen and Yazhi Zhao