LI Chunhui


    Li Chunhui,A. professor, Vice Dean of key lab. for water and sediment sciences,Ministry of Education

    Basic information

    Li Chunhui, School of environment, Beijing Normal University, doctoral supervisor, major researches include water resources assessment and management, agricultural water saving and integrated watershed management, etc.. In recent years, he hosted and participated in more than 40 research projects, and published more than 140 journal articles and conference papers.

    Journal papers(In recent five years)

    1.Chunhui Li , Lian Sun, Junxiang Jia, Yanpeng Cai, Xuan WangRisk assessment of water pollution sources based on an integrated k-means clustering and set pair analysis method in the region of Shiyan, China Science of the Total Environment,(2016) 307–316

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    Conference papers(In recent five years)

    1.Lian Sun, Meng Xu, Junxiang Jia, and Chunhui Li.Risk Identification of Water Pollution Sources in Water Source Areas of Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.2015 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Agriculture (ICSEA 2015) .2015年10月12-13日,New York,US

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